50th episode Q&A and 1 year of the podcast! | 050

Welcome to the 50th episode of Starting The Conversation! Uploaded exactly a year to date since the podcast first launched! I’ve loved hosting this podcast over the last twelve months and sharing the real-life narrative of running a business with you and I’m so happy you’re tuning in to listen. To celebrate this milestone, I wanted to bring something a little different to this podcast episode and so I asked for your questions over on Instagram…

That’s right, it’s my first Q&A on Starting The Conversation and so from the story behind my business to why I call myself an 'accidental entrepreneur', I’ll be answering all things business along with a few podcast related questions too that I plan to cover each year to mark this journey! Without further ado…

Get Connected

I mentioned the top 5 episodes from the first year so if you fancy a listen here they are…

  1. https://alicebenham.co.uk/exist-without-instagram/

  2. https://alicebenham.co.uk/hayley_003/

  3. https://alicebenham.co.uk/having-no-clients/

  4. https://alicebenham.co.uk/cath/

  5. https://alicebenham.co.uk/productive/

No matter if this is your first listen or you’ve been here with me from the beginning, thank you SO much for tuning in, sharing and supporting the podcast! As a way of thanking you for listening, each month throughout 2019 I’ll be running a competition, all you need to do is leave me a review on iTunes and let me know what you love about the podcast. If you’re not already connected with me on Instagram do come over and say hi, you can find me @alice_benham – it’s also where I’ll be sharing what you can win each month! Here’s to the next 50 episodes!