So you want to start a podcast? Let's talk all things podcasting with a fellow host... | 049

This episode honestly feels totally full circle for me. The Creative Leap podcast hosted by today’s guest was actually the very first podcast I ever listened to and something that sparked me to start my own podcast journey a year ago. I reached out to Cat for some advice back then and she also happened to be my first ever guest on here too. It only felt right to mark a year of Starting The Conversation with Cat, if you’re not familiar with this lady already, let me introduce you… Cat Byrne is a creative designer running her dream business and also the host of The Creative Leap podcast – a must-listen all about taking the leap and creating a career from the hobbies you love.For both Cat and I, starting a podcast is one of the best decisions we’ve made, however that being said, podcasting at first can be slightly unnatural territory and a little bit of a ‘make it up as you go along’ process. We both get lots of message from fellow entrepreneurs asking for advice on how to start a podcast and so this episode is filled with answers to our most frequently asked podcast questions.Tune in to discover:

  • The origin of our podcasts

  • All things technical and behind the scenes

  • How our podcast’s serve our business

  • What we wish we’d known when starting out

Get Connected

You can find Cat over on Instagram and listen to her podcast The Creative Leap here. Cat shares so much with her audience and is always full of creative inspiration. You can also check out Gatto Web, Cat’s online home and the place to explore everything about her sought-after branding and design business. As mentioned at the end of the episode, Cat has just launched a new live 6 week class called Be Your Own Designer. It looks incredible and will empower you to create and develop a visual brand which is made just for you alongside live support form Cat. Click here to find out more.If you’d like even more podcast tips and tricks, I’ve just updated one of my blogs outlining more the technical details of starting and hosting a podcast - a tool that I use now and would have found hugely beneficial back in the beginning! Read here.See you next week!

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