Having no clients & things not feeling ’successful’ | 027

I’ll let you in on something - the topic / story within has been so highly requested. But on the flip side, it’s been something that I haven’t quite been ready to share until now.Whilst I’m still a little nervous to put it into the world… I can’t deny what an important message and reminder this episode brings.

Today I’m getting candid about the reality (and my experience) of having no clients, feeling like a big old failure and not knowing if anything was going to change.

You see, 4 months ago I was without clients, watching my bank balance decline and questioning (pretty much every day) if my business was ever going to feel 'successful' again. Fast forward to now and I'm booked out (!), planning exciting projects and feeling like I'm exactly where I want to be.

No, this episode isn't about the 'secret' which got me here, but an honest look into my experience of walking this journey. It’s my hope that this episode reminds you that behind every ‘success’ is a whole lot of digging in, whilst giving you some practical steps if you’re in a place where failure feels all to familiar…


As the title of this podcast suggests, I’m all about starting the conversation. And what does a conversation require? More than just me talking into a microphone! I’d love for you to share your thoughts on this topic with me over on my Instagram - so head on over to my grid to add your experience and opinions into the mix.