Alice Benham

well hello there!

I’m Alice Benham

Digital marketing coach, podcaster, retreat host and accidental entrepreneur

If you had told me when I left school that I’d be self-employed within a year, I honestly wouldn’t have believed you. Yet that’s exactly what happened and it’s been quite the journey! Now here I am (in my early twenties) coaching some incredible entrepreneurs on all things digital marketing so they can use the power of online to grow their own businesses.


I left school to pursue something more. At the time, I didn’t actually know what that ‘something more’ looked like, I just knew that school was no longer for me so I followed my instincts, much to everyone else’s reservations...
— June 2015
After working in administration for a few months, I was presented with a new opportunity to work freelance. Again I followed my instincts, said yes and before I knew it, I was self-employed – hence the accidental entrepreneur.
— March 2016
I spent nine months working with corporate clients on social media strategy and management, and whilst my diary was booked up and I was earning great money, the lack of community and joy in what I was doing quickly led to burn out.
— December 2016
I started the year by taking 6 months off to focus on myself, so I closed my contracts and worked on reevaluating what I wanted to do and the steps I needed to take to get there. Cue a lot of sitting in bed and going to therapy.
— January 2017
Re-launched as a Digital Marketing Coach and made it my mission to work in a more sustainable way by empowering my clients with expertise, insight and accountability.
— January 2018
Launched my podcast Starting The Conversation, a space to communicate and celebrate the real-life narrative of running a business, openly sharing both my own and the experiences of other entrepreneurs.
— February 2018
Poured my heart and soul into the launch of Gather + Grow, a retreat to give fellow female entrepreneurs the intentional blend of space, expertise and community needed to get to the heart of their business’ and level up what they do – something I know first hand is so important.
— December 2018
My team of one doubled to two! It’s so exciting to have another team member around, helping step up each element of my business and give me time to think big picture.
— April 2019
The first Gather & Grow retreat happened!! 4 days. 14 women. The most impactful blend of clarity, breakthroughs, hot tubs, cocktails and vulnerability. To have witnessed and facilitated such transformation is the biggest privilege.
— May 2019
It certainly sounds cliché, but it really is a case of watch this space! I truly love what I do and my head is filled with ideas I want to develop, so keep your eyes peeled for what’s to come…
— What's Next...