Would your business exist without Instagram? 3 ways to diversify and secure your marketing… | 046

Would your business survive without Instagram? Survive may seem like a bit of an extreme word, but in actual fact, so many business’ solely rely on the app to market their goods or services. It’s understandable. Instagram is ‘the place to be’ for many of us; it feels fun, relevant, and natural, so why work harder to develop other platforms if Insta is already working for you? Sound about right?

Well ask yourself this - if the app were suddenly no more, would you still have an audience to talk to? Could you still make sales? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, building your business on borrowed land is a dangerous game. Who knows how long Instagram will be around for? Putting the future of your business in the hands of the Insta-gods simply isn’t what building a sustainable business looks like. So what do you do?

Tune into this episode to discover 3 alternative platforms that you’re in control of. Not only will this ensure your marketing strategy is diverse, but it will also mean security and longevity for the business you’ve worked so hard to build.Ready to make 2019 the year your marketing becomes sustainable? Let’s get started…

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Want to learn more? I mentioned a previous podcast episode to walk you through how to step up your email marketing and establish it as an effective piece of content – listen here. I also mentioned an episode with Charlotte from MediaLuxe, discussing the fundamentals of an effective website, which you can listen to here. Has this episode got you thinking about how your marketing could be transformed? My digital marketing coaching may be a good fit for you. Wherever you’re at, I’ll walk alongside you to develop and action an effective and sustainable strategy for your business. Sound good? Find out more here. If you found this episode insightful, please do share with your fellow business owners and as always, let me know your thoughts over on Instagram.