A male’s perspective on the insecurity, fear and guilt involved in running a business w/ Will Stedman | 035

Without a doubt, one of my favourite things about what I do is meeting the people I get to work with. I always value people who can be honest and are willing to show the behind the scenes of what they do because that’s such an important part of running a business – the actual day to day. Enter Will. We met whilst working on a studio shoot and I’ve finally roped him into joining me on the podcast for this episode. Will is a highly skilled commercial Sony Pro Photographer and works as a Creative Director, leading all creative projects at his visual content agency Névé. For this episode, we chatted about our experiences of the varying insecurities, fear and guilt of being young entrepreneurs and it was so refreshing to hear a male talking so honestly about the ins and outs of it all! From feeling isolated to always questioning whether your work is good enough – (don’t we all suffer from imposter syndrome from time to time?) Will and I have a good chat about the different feelings we’ve faced. This episode is a wonderful reminder that we’re all human and so I’d encourage you to listen if you’re currently feeling like you’re the only one making it up as you go – I promise, you’re definitely not.

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To stay up to date with Will, find him on Instagram where he shares an edit of his work, or head to Névé to find out more about his agency and discover some of the exciting projects he’s working on.

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