Prioritising your mindset, transitioning back into work and productive goal setting w/Sophie French | 045

The start of the year isn’t always the easiest. You’re transitioning back into work after taking time off, everyone seems to be adding to the noise of ‘new year new me’ and you’re sat questioning if you’re capable of reaching the goals you’re setting…This episode is a total must listen if you’re resonating with any of the above. I sat down with Sophie French (mindset message coach and total babe) to talk all things tackling your mindset, transitioning back into work after a break, setting goals in the right way and knowing you’re the one who can make those happen.

PS - there’s another guest episode up today with the lovely Julia Day! Why two episodes you ask?! Well, both these women are guest hosts on my new retreat Gather & Grow and as tickets launch this week (!!) I thought I would get them on the podcast to share their expertise and give you a taster of what they’re bringing to the retreat!


For a reminder of the Disney Strategy which Sophie mentioned during the post, have a read of this post from her Instagram grid.

I am SO excited as Sophie has just launched

Crush The Can't Club

- a private members group for women who are committed to squashing self-doubt, unlocking and owning their superpowers, crafting their magnetic message, and sharing their bright beautiful selves with the world. You can find out more and save your seat HERE

And of course, click here to discover more about Gather & Grow and join the waitlist. Tickets launch this Thursday (10th January) so feel free to send me any Q’s you have! I seriously can’t wait.

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