The aftermath of taking a break and facing your tax return w/Julia Day | 044

Curious about how others are finding getting ‘back to it’ after taking a break from work? Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the looming tax return deadline? Well this episode is most certainly for you. I sat down with Julia Day (financial coach and overall lovely person) to chat about our experience of easing back into work after the Christmas break and how we’re utilising the ‘new year new me’ spirit for good. Julia also shared some much needed insight and encouragement for those tackling their tax return this month - something which can very often bring with it a bit of uncertainty and fear!

PS - there’s another guest episode up today with the lovely Sophie French! Why two episodes you ask?! Well, both these women are guest hosts on my new retreat Gather & Grow and as tickets launch this week (!!) I thought I would get them on the podcast so you can get to know them and have a taste of what they're bringing to the retreat… enjoy!


You can find Julia’s tax return guide HERE - a life saver for anyone feeling a bit worried about getting it wrong…

If you’re interested in working with Julia or just want to get connected with what she does, be sure to follow her over on Instagram and check out her website. AND if you’re looking for an injection of community and financial expertise this year, check out her membership group - The Independent Girls Collective. And of course, click here to discover more about Gather & Grow and join the waitlist. Tickets launch this Thursday (10th January) so feel free to send me any Q’s you have! I seriously can’t wait.

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