A sit down with Sarah Fisher | Branding yourself, sourcing new clients & finding your niche | 026

A few months ago I asked people for suggestions on who I should feature on the podcast and Sarah Fisher (today’s guest) was highly suggested! The moment her name popped up and I insta-stalked her, I fell in love with her thoughtful, personal and beautiful designs.

As a graphic designer and published illustrator, Sarah has learnt a whole lot about what it looks like to run a successful and fulfilling business, so I sat down and picked her brains, whilst we (unsuccessfully) attempted not to go off on any tangents about our supermarket of choice(!).

When I listened back to this recording I was reminded just how comforting and encouraging it can be to hear fellow entrepreneurs talk honestly about the reality of starting and running a business. Throughout the episode Sarah shared her experience of starting out and what she practically did to gain new clients, the process she went through of pivoting her services, how we as business owners can approach our own branding and even the back story of Comic Sans!


The book Sarah mentioned (‘How to Style Your Brand’ by Fiona Humberstone) which will help you to consider and hone in on every aspect of your brand, is linked HERE.  

To get connected with Sarah and keep up to date with what’s going on in her business, be sure to check out her Instagram.

And if you’re interested in working with her or just want to have a look at her beautiful work, check out her website

You can also check out her shop, Paper Cafe, featuring thoughtful cards and beautiful prints. 

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