Becoming conscious of how I make / spend / save money in my business | 028

Let’s be real, navigating money in a business can be and has been for me, incredibly complex. From paying tax and making investments to dealing with the fluctuating income and separating business from personal, there’s a whole lot to figure out and understand.

When I first started my business (tbt to 18 year old me in 2016) I spent a good 18 months being fully unaware of the financial stuff. That’s until I had no choice but to take steps to become conscious of the money that I was making, spending and saving as a business. In this episode I explored more of what that process has looked like, opened up about the mistakes I’ve made along the way and shared some of the best investments I’ve made so far.

I’ve first hand experienced the shame / guilt / fear there can be surrounding finances, so it’s my intention that by starting the conversation on this topic, you’ll feel empowered to tackle and talk about your own finances. 


In the episode I mentioned the various investments I’ve made in my business this year, with one of my fav being events. After stumbling across SheCanSheDid (whose founder Fi was on episode 20) earlier this year, I hesitantly attended Fi’s event, the Midweek Mingle. And let me tell you, I loved it. It’s centred around honest stories from female business owners and gives time to connect with likewise women over a G&T - can you think of anything better?

I’m SO excited that Fi is taking the events on tour this Autumn, heading to Bristol, Brighton, Manchester & London. I am a huge fan of the events (so much so that I’m going to 3 of the 4!) and would recommend it for anyone looking to find some community and get inspired. Tickets are live for Bristol & Brighton so buy a tickets or look into the other events HERE.

I also mentioned the incredible ROI I’ve seen from joining The Coven, an online membership platform for female business owners. From as little as £2.50 a week you become a part of a remarkable community of likewise women whilst being exposed to incredibly valuable workshops by industry professionals. I can’t big it up enough, so if you’re craving a space to connect, learn & grow, check The Coven out HERE.

And finally, although I’ll be talking a lot more about / with her next week, I can’t not tell you about Julia (aka EasyAsVAT) and her financial coaching. If you listened to this episode and feel like sitting down with an expert to figure out everything financial for your business would be the right move for you, I seriously suggest you book a session with Julia. She speaks in a language you’ll understand and gets small businesses like nobody else. You can find out more about what she offers HERE.

That’s all for this week! If you’ve got 2 minutes, why not share your thoughts on todays episode with me over on Instagram… I’d love for you to continue the conversation!