Charging your worth, paying tax late, not giving it all for free & getting invoices paid w/Julia Day | 029

Let’s talk money. In business, it’s often a taboo subject, but it really shouldn’t be which is why for todays podcast episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Julia Day, the savvy financial coach behind Easy As Vat. This lovely lady is on a mission to make managing money easy for creative female entrepreneurs and I couldn’t wait to chat to her about all things numbers and business (amongst other things!)

Julia strives to educate as many women as possible so they spend less time stressing about and more time creating – after all, isn’t that why we all started our businesses in the first place? Her 1:1 financial coaching services aim to help women build financially sustainable businesses and she’s helped the likes of Blogosphere, One Girl Band and Blog & Beyond to name but a few!

From charging your worth and sticking to your price, to discussing the tax mistakes we’ve made so you can avoid them, this episode is full of practical tips and advice for the many money-related issues we often face as female business owners – does getting invoices paid on time sound familiar?

We also touch on how we both financially started our businesses and Julia shares her expertise on how you can do the same - I can’t wait for you to listen!

Get Connected

To explore how Julia can help your business, you must check out her 1:1 coaching sessions! Not only do they include a 90 minute coaching call, you’ll also get 60 days of personal support following your session and access to her Easy Numbers course which is worth £198 itself! The great thing about Julia’s coaching sessions in you can choose to focus on one area or a mix to really benefit your business in the best way. For all the details, here’s the link you need!

You can also keep up to date with Julia on Instagram and listen to her weekly podcast here.

Finally, Julia is also the lady behind Girls Doing Cool Things - a community to celebrate and connect amazing women who are doing their thing, so if you’re a fellow female business owner or entrepreneur, go take a look!

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