INTENTIONS... looking back at 2018 and setting (and sticking to) them for 2019 | 043

Whilst ‘new year new me’ isn’t my thing, I’m all for using any opportunity to look ahead, set intentions and get my tiny brain in gear. So in the first episode of 2019, I’m talking all things INTENTIONS. Tune in to discover just how I did at achieving my 2018 intentions, find out the personal and business intentions I’ve set for 2019, get some tips for sustainable goal setting and learn about how I ensure my intentions are (somewhat) kept to throughout the year…

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In the episode, I mentioned a blog post I just published, titled ‘The Christmas diary of an instagram-less, newly single and burnt out me’. Give it a read if you’d like a raw insight into my very ordinary, somewhat lovely and at times, tragic, Christmas break.If you’re interested in Gather & Grow, tickets launch JANUARY 10TH. Click here to find out more and join the waitlist, so you’re first in line for tickets… I can’t wait!

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