5 encouragements for the way you show up online | 036

When we love our business, it’s only natural to attach A LOT of emotion to our social platforms and this has positives and negatives. In this episode, I’ll be serving you with a dose of encouragement rather than something to do / work / action. On one hand, more emotion can make us care more, however on the flip side it can make us care too much and stand in the way of what our real focus should be. With this in mind, tune in to receive 5 encouragements for the way you show up online, share your message and feel about social media.

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Read the Pandora Sykes article I mentioned here and if you need a quick reminder of the 5 encouragements, here they are:

  1. There’s no direct link between numbers and success - you’ll never reach the ‘right’ number to do ‘that’ thing

  2. Being real doesn’t mean baring your all

  3. You are most likely not sounding as repetitive as you think

  4. Business and subsequently our platforms work in seasons

  5. Your impact is far bigger than you assume, however people are watching you less closely than you think

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