A mother, a business owner and everything in-between w/Megan Collins | 037

I’ve always been in total awe of mothers. The closest I come to having a baby is caring for my dog and running my business, a world away from being responsible for breathing tiny humans. When considering who to explore this topic with, I knew that Megan, as a mother of two young boys and the creative behind Blossom & Crumb would have so much to share / bring. Megan has run Blossom & Crumb, a wedding and special occasion cake company, from her home in London since 2015. She specialises in unique & modern wedding cakes with a focus on remarkable design and flavour - something I can definitely attest to! I visited her beautiful home in London and we talked about the story behind Blossom & Crumb, why as women we can’t ‘have it all’, how Megan practically juggles motherhood / business and what it’s looked like to grow a business alongside her two sons.


Follow along with Blossom & Crumb to see Megan’s day to day and check out her gorgeous creations over on Instagram. To peruse a gallery full of impressive creations, check out a mouth watering list of flavours (you will crave cake - warning!) and enquire about working with Megan, head to Blossom & Crumb. As always, thank you for tuning in! I’d love if you shared your thoughts on this episode over on Instagram… you can find me at @alice_benham.