Stepping back from your phone as you take a break from work | BONUS #2

Confession. My phone usage often totals 7+ hours a day. Pretty awful right? Well, whilst I'm taking a much-needed break from work this Christmas, I'm committed to stepping back from and breaking up with my phone. We can shut our laptops, clear our calendars and put our out of office on, however our phones make it very easy to slip back into work mode which is why in this episode I’m sharing the actionable ways you can break up with your phone over Christmas. I recorded this alongside one other bonus episode out today where I share actionable ways you can plan for and make time off a reality in your business.

Get Connected

Let’s re-cap the tips from this episode…

  • Track your phone usage (and prepare to be shocked!)

  • Set intentions when you reach for your phone

  • Sleep without your phone

  • Turn off notifications, hide tempting apps and make your screen black and white

I’d love to hear any tips you have for using your phone less so please pop over and say hello on Instagram. Finally, don’t miss my final podcast episode of 2018 this Thursday when I’ll be highlighting the truths my business has taught me this year.