How I’m taking a break from work over Christmas & 5 tips to do the same | BONUS #1

In the first of two bonus episodes released today, I’m sharing what it’s taken for me to plan my first proper Christmas break and exactly how I’ve made it happen. I rarely take real time away from my business, however right now, 2 whole weeks of no work at all feels very needed.I couldn’t find much out there to help me make it happen hence these two bonus episodes. It’s no secret that resting away from work is so important; not only to take care of ourselves as business owners, but also to ensure our businesses don’t suffer as a result of burnout. Tune in to this short episode to discover 5 easy tips to ensure your time off is the best it possibly can be so you can return to work in 2019 feeling ready and raring to go.

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Need a re-cap of the 5 tips?

  • Give yourself permission to take time off

  • Plan ahead and get organised

  • Break up with your phone

  • Set clear boundaries with your clients / customers

  • Make plans and don’t forget to have fun!

Listen to my other bonus episode where I share how you can step back from your phone over Christmas break. Don’t forget to say hello over on Insta and let me know how you’re approaching time off this Christmas.