Is your Social Media Popular or Profitable? | 006

Today on the podcast I’m talking about a mistake in marketing which I see made time and time again. I notice it with many of my clients and I truly believe that if creative entrepreneurs can grasp the importance of avoiding it, the effectiveness of their digital marketing will be transformed.

If you use social media to grow your business, this episode is not one to miss! The reason I’m sharing this mistake with you is because I don’t want you to waste time, energy and creativity on content which isn’t growing your business effectively.

So, what is this elusive ‘mistake’ I keep talking about? Valuing popularity over profits.

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  • why it’s easy to value popular over profitable

  • the importance of being clear in what ‘effective’ means for you

  • my experience with switching from personal to business content

  • how you can avoid this mistake in your business

  • staying intentional tracking the right statistics

  • targeting your content at the right client for profitability

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