Emma Borquaye | Founder of Girl Got Faith | 007

In this podcast episode I sat down with Emma, the founder of Girl Got Faith, a multi-award winning teen girl's guide to faith, beauty and lifestyle.

Emma started Girl Got Faith after noticing a lack of relevant, topical and faith-based content for teenage girls and I was so interested to hear more about how she runs the website / charity alongside her full time work. I found her honest and positive approach to life & work incredibly inspiring and I know you will too!

If you’re curious about Emma’s story or want to know how she’s curated a talented team of 18+ writers (?!) check out the episode below ….


If you’d like to get connected with Girl Got Faith, you can check out their website HERE where Emma’s talented team of writers are continually creating incredible content about faith, beauty and lifestyle.

If you’re more of a visual person, you can connect with their Instagram HERE, where they share inspiring quotes, BTS of what they’re up to and beautiful phone backgrounds!

Or if you were totally captured by Emma’s personality and drive and want to see more of what she’s up to, you can find her on Instagram HERE.

Once again, thank you for engaging with another episode of this podcast! I’d love to hear suggestions of who you’d love to hear interviewed next! Pop a comment over on my Insta.