Lying to my instagram followers - instagram V reality | 022

If you follow me over on Instagram, you’ll know that last week I carried out a little experiment. Through a series of 3 posts I lied to my followers, intentionally sharing visuals and captions which were far from reality. The purpose? To open up a conversation surrounding the relationship we have with social media, exploring the extent of the negative impact it can have over us.

After documenting the experience, I shared the ‘truth’ with my followers. I was blown away by the response it received and the conversation which was created as a result. The experiment brought up so many more emotions / thoughts / responses than I could sum up in a short video and Instagram caption, so I decided to document it with a podcast episode.

There was no script for this, I just sat down with my microphone and shared my heart behind it, my experience from start to finish, the response it got and where I think this takes us next…


If you’re not already connected with my Instagram or just want to go and have a look at the ‘fake’ posts, you can find my account HERE.

Or find the posts individually…

Post 1 - HERE

Post 2 - HERE

Post 3 - HERE

This experiment only comes into its own when you get involved. So tell me, what’s your take on it all?