Community over competition w/Sapphire, founder of The Coven | 023

If you’ve listened to past podcast episodes, you’ll have probably heard me mention time and time again just how important it is for us as business owners to get in community with people who get it. After experiencing total isolation in my first year of business, I learnt just how much changes when we connect with, share with and learn from others.

I made it one of my business intentions of 2018 to consciously find communities just like this, so when Sapphire (todays guest) launched The Coven a few months back, it felt like perfect timing for me. I’ll let her tell you more in the episode, but The Coven is a monthly membership platform which exists to support and empower female business owners. I’m in love with Sapphire’s message and can truly say that membership with The Coven has been one of the best investments I’ve made in my business

There was no set topic for this episode, we just sat down (in her beautiful office space) turned on the mic and got talking… I hope you enjoy listening in as much as I enjoyed recording it!


Whether you’re a position to invest in The Coven membership or not, I seriously recommend getting connected with all that Sapphire’s up to. Check out the links below for both The Coven and The Flower Arranger, her floristry business offering both gorgeous flowers and mentoring for those in the industry.

The Coven



The Flower Arranger



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