Why I’m grateful my online course ‘failed’ & the myth of a six-figure launch | 032

Twelve months ago, I believed the myth that a six-figure launch was as easy as some Facebook adverts, a lead magnet and a sales funnel. Oh how I was wrong. I also made the assumption that because this business model worked for others, it would work for me too and I would experience the same levels of 'success' and fulfillment. Wrong again.In this episode, I share my experience of failing to launch an online course, getting honest about why it really wasn’t the right fit for my business and all the things I’ve learnt since – because after all, we don’t really fail if we learn something.

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This episode was prompted by a recent episode of 'Letters From A Hopeful Creative' by Jen Carrington & Sara Tasker, which you canhttps://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/letters-from-a-hopeful-creative/id1408102079 listen to here. I’d love to know your thoughts on this episode and whether you have experienced something similar so please come and find me over on Instagram.