Re-defining self care, setting boundaries & prioritising yourself w/Amy Hunt | 033

What first comes to mind when I say ‘self-care?’ A bubble bath? Relaxing on an exotic beach with a book? Yoga? Since I made the conscious decision for this podcast to cover the unspoken topics of running your own business, I knew right away that I needed to speak about self-care, and not the fluffy version mentioned above. When I met Amy (on Instagram of course) I knew instantly she was a perfect match for this episode. So, a bit more about Amy… this lady is a self-care mentor and the one girl band behind Let’s Get Back To You. Her work is focused on empowering people to redefine self-care on their own terms, because self-care has a different meaning to each and every one of us. It’s an intuitive concept that focuses on us aligning with our own wellbeing and a true passion project for Amy who wanted to change the conversation after her own experiences with burnout and anxiety. In this episode, Amy and I openly discuss our own experiences with mental health and some of the boundaries we now set to look after our wellbeing more effectively. Amy redefines the term ‘self-care’ after recognising that it’s so much more complex than the stereotypical images society shows us and she also shares practical tips for determining our own meanings of what self-care really is. It’s a must-listen for anyone who knows they need to do more to prioritise their self-care and I really hope you find it beneficial.

Get Connected

To stay up to date with Amy, head on over to her website Let’s Get Back To You. Don’t miss her free self-care challenge here - I’ve taken it myself and honestly loved it so much. The challenge is short and sweet for just three days (so no huge commitment) and is aimed to get you thinking a little more about self-care, and a little differently too! You can also find Amy posting over on Insta where she shares a mix of empowering quotes and self-care tips.

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