Fundamentals of an effective website with Charlotte from MediaLuxe | 019

The term ‘digital marketing’ is made up of so many elements - social media, email marketing, visual branding, website… the list goes on. It’s a puzzle which is most effective when all the pieces are in place, but from my experience there’s on element which isn’t always the most popular to talk about - websites.

True, they’re not often as exciting as Instagram’s latest feature or a creating mood boards, but let me tell you, your website is a fundamental part of your online presence. When a site is at its best, it accurately communicates all there is to know about a business, takes people from strangers to customers and seamlessly transitions to and from your social platforms.

Joining me for this episode is Charlotte, from MediaLuxe. She’s a brand communications and content specialist, empowering brands to say the right words, to the right people, on the right platforms.

Charlotte walked through…

  • establishing a written brand voice and how to do this

  • the importance of your homepage and ways to ensure it’s effective

  • using content to nurture site visitors into customers; when to change your content and determining if your content is effective

  • carrying out an audit of your site in order to determine necesary changes


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