Behind the scenes of She can. She did. Celebrating and empowering female entrepreneurs | 020

When anyone asks me what I wish I’d known when I started my business, my answer is always the same… I wish I’d realised how vital it is to find a community, learn from others’ stories and connect with those who get it.

As business owners and entrepreneurs, it’s all too easy to fall into the trap of being isolated and feeling like you're on your own... But let me tell you, there is so much out there intended to support and empower you - and todays podcast guest is doing just that.

Fi Grayson founded She can. She did. just under a year ago… a platform which puts the spotlight on young women who have dared to go solo and start their own businesses in the UK, supporting and empowering female entrepreneurs through interviews and events.

Since hearing about what she does and attending The Midweek Mingle (seriously one of the best events I’ve attended) I’ve been so excited to sit down with Fi, put her on the other side of the interview and discover more of her story…

Listen in to hear why she’s so passionate about celebrating female entrepreneurs, what’s she learnt through launching her own events and what’s next for She Can. She Did…


Whether you’re considering starting a business or are 5 years down the line, I seriously suggest you get connected with She can. She did. and all Fi is putting out into the world…

From reading the weekly posts and attending the Midweek Mingle, I’ve not only found comfort and inspiration in the stories of others but also connected with fellow entrepreneurs who get it. That community is invaluable!

Check out the website, where you can have a binge read of Fi’s weekly interviews and discover more about the heart and story behind She can. She did.

If Insta is more your thing, I’d totally suggest getting connected with their Instagram to follow along with Fi’s journey, meet with likewise women and keep your eyes open for upcoming events.

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