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Ever met someone and just feel like they totally get you? That’s legit how this podcast conversation felt!

On todays episode of ‘Starting the Conversation’ I sat down with the wonderful Cat Byrne.

Cat is an incredibly talented web designer, creating beautiful branding & custom sites for her clients - seriously, if you’re in need a fresh site - check her out! Aside from how great she is at her job, she’s also a super down to earth and lovely person! It was so fun to talk all things real life and business with her.

From setting your prices right, combatting loneliness when working from home, how she built her web-design company Gatto to how to get the best out of your designer, we had such a great conversation!


Find links for what we talked about in today’s episode and where you can find Cat!

Jen Carrington, Cat’s Business Coach

One Girl Band Podcast

If you enjoyed hearing her on todays episode, I would FULLY suggest you go and check out her podcast. It’s called the ‘creative leap’ and she sits down with various boss ladies to discuss their journey of building a creative career that they love. You can find it HERE.

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I hope you enjoyed listening to this episode as much as I enjoyed recording it! Let me know who you’d love to see on the podcast soon and hey, why not go and give Cat’s insta some love!!

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