My heart behind the podcast | Starting the Conversation

Yesterday I announced on my Instagram that I’m launching a podcast - called ‘Starting the Conversation’. It’s something which I’ve been dreaming off, planning and executing for the past 3 months and it feels so good that I can finally talk about it.

Watch this video to hear what you can expect from it!

I’m planning to run some more blog posts about the logistics of creating a podcast (let me tell you, there have been some VERY steep learning curves!!) but for now, I just wanted to share more about my heart behind it.


For this project, the why definitely became existed the what, which I believe is the right way to do it. And for any content, I believe the purpose and passion behind it should always be the starting point.

The initial idea of this podcast began about 4 months ago. I put out an Instagram story, asking people what their ‘big’ dream was, and what was holding them back from that dream, purely out of curiosity. I was fascinated by what people said, with ‘fear of failing’ and ‘not knowing where to start’ being the most common answers for what stopped them from going for it.

Hearing those stories got me thinking, and I soon was on a mission to create something which would bridge the gap between ‘could’ and ‘did’, inspiring people to take risks and pursue their big dreams. I wanted to create content which told the story of entrepreneurial women, content which acknowledged the good, the bad and the ugly. Because hey, life isn’t always Instagram worthy.

So that’s where ‘Starting the Conversation’ began.

I knew that in order to create inspiring content, I needed inspiring guests. So I reached out to women who I followed and loved, all working in different fields, and asked them if they would share their narrative. And thankfully… many of them agreed to come on the podcast (!) which I honestly didn’t expect.


The first episode airs next Friday (9th Feb) and it’ll be a weekly series. It’s my intention that it’ll continue that way, but we’ll see what happens!

Keep an eye out on this blog for future episodes - if you have any suggestions of who I should interview, tell me! I’d love to know.

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