074 | The reality of growing a team and becoming a manager with Aran Spencer-Higgins

You've heard me say how outsourcing has been a game changer for my business so this week I am sitting down with Aran, Founder of Social Buff, to chat about taking the scary step of building a team and the transition to becoming a "boss".

Aran is a few steps ahead of me here with a team of 7 and a Co-Founder, so I was eager to hear his experience of on-boarding, finding the right people, and how he manages a relationship with a co-founder.

We explore the reality of being responsible for a other people's income and the learning curve that comes with expanding a team. We also look at all the positives that come with freeing up your time and surrounding yourself with people that buy into your business. 

The quick fire round this week is a good one & I know you're going to have some opinions on it too. Let me know what you would choose over on Instagram.

Aran also has some valuable advice on Facebook Ads so if you are working on your strategy right now this will definitely help you out. 

Lastly, apologies the sound is a bit off in this episode. The set up wasn't ideal and I was very warm! 

Alice Benham