Stop using the algorithm as an excuse and start using Instagram strategically | 073

So you're losing followers, your likes are down and you're not seeing our friends posts - blame the algorithms! 

The Instagram algorithm provides us a convenient explanation as to why things aren’t going our way, but in this week's Small Talk episode I want to break down this ‘excuse’ and take a look at how you can still use the platform strategically. The rise of Instagram stories have changed the game, but I want to show you that there's an option to shift with the changes and keep stepping up your game.

Sounds easy right? However, I know changing your habits & trying new things takes more than a bit of encouragement, which is why I am so excited to bring back The Insta Story Thing! This is a free 4 week email series designed to help you step up your story game. 

Each Monday I’ll be giving you a weekly insight and prompt designed to help create impactful Instagram stories which connect with your audience, reflect your brand and ultimately, grow your business! Click here to find out more & get involved! 

As always, any thoughts you have on todays episode I’d love to hear from you - find me on Insta alice_benham or email - I'll be back in your ears next Monday with another conversation, until then - have the best week!

Alice Benham