5 point checklist for an SEO ready blog | #take5

If you’re a blogger - this is an episode for you! Because today I’m going to be breaking down SEO and walking you through a 5 point check list for you to consider, to ensure all your posts are SEO ready.


SEO is what impacts how highly your website ranks within search engines and although it can sometimes be a complicated and confusing thing to get your head around, understanding SEO as a blog writer is really important. Being SEO optimised ensures that your content will reach a wider audience and your online following will be passively grown.

Research by Tech Client reports that featuring a blog as a key part of your website will give you a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly on search engines, which suggests there is some serious SEO to be gained through your blog.

So now you’ve ticked the first box of having a blog, let’s walk through what you can do to ensure your posts are fully optimised to rank highly.


  1. Choose a relevant & effective keyword

  2. Integrate your keyword into the text, title & alt-text

  3. Edit your URL, SEO title & slug for optimisation

  4. Include value-adding inbound links

  5. Include reputable and relevant outbound links

Whilst SEO is a hugely intricate topic, which can’t be fully condensed into a 20 minute episode, I sure hope this content has empowered you to feel that one step closer to being optimised.

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