Adapting to change in your business with Mary Baird-Wilcock | 010

In todays episode, I was joined by Mary, founder of the Simplifiers, event extraordinaire, podcast host and somebody who has experienced a whole host of change. It was so refreshing to hear more about how she’s dealt with the change which comes with running a business, both when it comes to re-locating and re-restructuring to pivoting your services.

She talked honestly about what it looks like to be a female entrepreneur and gave out some invaluable advice for those looking to do the same!


If you listened to this podcast and now want to check out more what she's about, I'd so suggest connecting with both the Simplifiers website and Instagram

Mary & her team have also just launched their own podcast, which I thoroughly enjoy listening into on my daily dog walk. There are already some great episodes up, so go take a listen and get connected with it - you can find it HERE.


Mary mentioned the Soulful PR Facebook Group, which is all about supporting entrepreneurs who want to grow the PR aspect of their business. It was founded by the talented PR expert, Janet Murray and you can check it out HERE.

Tide, the App which both Mary and I love to use for white noise & background sounds, is a total winner when it comes to upping your productivity and focus. You can check it out on the App Store HERE

I also mentioned my little time box, which allows me to dedicate a set amount of time to each task within my day. I couldn't recommend it enough, find it on Amazon HERE

As always, thank you SO much for listening! I’d love if we connected over on Instagram… you can find me HERE.