Pursuing efficiency in your business with Paige Griffith | 012

Ever met someone who you could talk to for hours? Whose experience and abilities just fascinate you? That’s how this podcast recording with Paige felt.

She’s an incredibly talented photographer, educator & lawyer, a total advocate of ‘work hard, play hard’ and a member of Jenna Kutcher’s mastermind (which fully makes me want to be her!).

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had the season where we’re working ourselves too hard, juggling too my plates and in need of a total efficiency injection. When talking about efficiency in business, nobody felt more suited than Paige. She established herself as a photographer during law school, and has since grown it to a 6 figure business alongside a full time job (crazy I know!). So it’s safe to say this woman knows a fair bit about how to grow a business with limited time and resource.

Take a listen if you want to be inspired, encouraged towards efficiency and to find out what’s next as Paige ventures into something new this year!


If off the back of this episode you're desperate to get connected with Paige and see what she's about, you can check out her links below...


Having grown such a successful photography business on the side, Paige is passionate about passing what she's learnt onto fellow freelancers. For beautiful photography and incredible education tools, check out her Instagram and Website.

The Legal Paige

As mentioned, Paige is establishing an exciting new venture, putting her law degree to use by educating business owners in the legal side of running a business. Her services will launch later this year, but until then she's got some great content and free downloads for you to grab! Check out the Instagram and Website for more info.