Navigating PR in a small business, with Claudia from CLOPR | 014

As entrepreneurs who work for and by ourselves, we very often have to understand all areas of our business, whether that be accounts / marketing / customer service / HR. Something I’ve always had a limited grasp on is PR, believing the mis-conception that it was just for big corporates and wasn’t relevant for my little business.

The second I met Claudia, who with 10 years of industry experience is a PR goddess, I knew I needed her to join me on an episode to break down all things PR.

Claudia shared some absolute GOLD in this episode. From how PR is different to advertising, how small business’ can engage in PR, tips for approaching journalists to how to define what’s ‘news worthy’ in your business. If you’re a bit of a PR noob like me, this is totally an episode for you!

Alongside her PR wisdom, Claudia shared more of her story into launching her PR Consultancy, how she’s found the transition from employee to business owner and what she’s learnt in her first year of entrepreneurship.

Ready to dive in and get educated on all things PR? Tune in!


With 10 years of industry experience, working on national campaigns and successful start-ups, CLOPR are building and delivering award-winning PR, social and experiential campaigns for young brands, organisations and startups.

I’ll let them do the talking…

Through an audience-first approach, CLO PR will build strategy for creative ideas to reach your target audiences. Our services aim to give you the shot in the arm of brand awareness to get your dreams off the ground and compliment your mission to grow.

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