Why I spent £2,000 on a website I could have made for free

Confession: my website cost me £2,000+ and 3 months to create. A very similar website could have been made for free within a week. But why did I invest so much time and money?

Because websites matter.

As a consultant, it’s my job to educate companies on where they can improve within the area of digital marketing and each company I work with is different. Despite this, every company (I have worked with so far) has a shocking website. Now they won’t mind me saying this, because very often, it’s the first thing they admit when I give their initial consultation, you can almost see the weight drop off their shoulders after confessing. 

It’s my intention that this blog awakens you to the importance of having a remarkable website and practically helps you to achieve that. Read until the end to download your FREE ‘5 attributes of a remarkable website’ guide.

If you’re reading this and feel a little bit un-easy because you think you may be that person with the weak website, an indicator I like go by is…

Every page should give people (potential customers!) an accurate impression of who you are, what you do, and how they can engage with that.

remarkable website

Simple right? And it doesn’t have to be written out in black & white, consider how adding a personal photo to your ‘about’ page or a ‘book consultant’ button to your home page would help to convey this message.

Of course, there are other qualities of a great website, but at the core, I believe it needs to pass the test. Does your website?

So ok, you’ve admitted your site your site could be better, now let me convince you why you should change it. Because let’s just be real, editing websites isn’t exactly enthralling, so consider these reasons your kick up the butt to get it done.


This point alone is enough reason to have a great website. Social Media is fantastic, but what you post has to go through the system, meaning that your content is constantly fighting against whatever algorithm and restrictions that platform has.

Don’t under-value the worth of having your own space online.

Under the same definition, your website isn’t restricted to the social guidelines attached to certain social platforms - you can post what you want, in whatever way you want, about what you want. When it comes to my Social Media, I keep Facebook relatable, Instagram aesthetic and Twitter informal, but my website is a blend of them all - the most accurate representation of who I am and what I do.

At the speed of which digital platforms and online communications develop, owning a website which is current, authentic and YOURS is more important than ever.


The majority of companies I work with exist purely on a face to face basis, meaning that when it comes to converting someone from stranger to client, all of the work is done via email, phone or in person. As great as human contact is, it’s limited. There are only so many questions you can answer and ultimately, leads you can generate.

Now, think about if your website did some of that work for you? Pretty dreamy right?

Sure, my site takes up a large proportion of my budgets, both financially and time-wise, but it’s invaluable in the way it serves my business.

When pointing people towards it, I know that they’ll find answers to the questions they’re asking and it’ll accurately communicate who I am, what I do and how they can engage with that message.

Do you feel confident that if someone spent 5 minutes on your website they’d leave being closer to becoming your client?


This ones for all of you who think that because your focus is on Social Media, your website doesn’t matter. But let me tell you this, websites are the ultimate way to scope out a company, and quick.

We’ve all been there, checking out a company online when we come across their website and instantly give up. Whether that’s because it’s not mobile optimised, you can’t find any contact information or the menu is impossible to navigate, we’re very turn our noses up at bad websites.

The way I see it is, the more you’re using Social Media, the better your website needs to be. The likelihood is that the same people you’re marketing to via Instagram, are also googling your company to check out what you’ve got going on. And no matter how brilliant your Tweets are, if your site doesn’t reflect that, they’re very quickly going to forget how much they loved your social media.


If you’ve read this email and feel a sudden need to jump onto Wordpress and edit your website - great news… I have something just for you! I’ve created a guide including 4 Attributes of a Remarkable Website. Just click this link or the image below to access it.

remarkable website

Thanks for reading!