Guess who’s back, back again… | Digital Marketing Consultant

Hey! Welcome to my first blog *eek*.

Well, that’s not quite true, because I’ve written hundreds of blogs for other people… but this is my first blog which gets to have my name at the bottom.

Let me assume you’re new here! My name is Alice, I love Labradors, ice cream, travel and all the plants, like seriously - I love plants. Boring info: I’m 19 and live in the UK. *yawn*

To cut a story short, I left school earlier than most and after working in Sales for a year, walked into the world of being self-employed. My ‘company’ (consisting of me, myself and I) grew fast, partnering with Charities, Corporates and Entrepreneurs to create and implement effective Social Media strategies.

Working for myself was DREAMY… flexible hours, comfy clothes, no commute... however, as a naive 18 year old, excited by my growing bank account and amazed by the ability to work wherever and whenever, I worked myself to the ground.

In January 2017 I closed my contracts and took a whole lot of time off.

7 months since that decision, I’m starting again. You may be wondering why I would try again, since attempt #1 failed on epic proportions, and I’m with you, I’ve asked myself the same thing.

Why would I choose to walk back into a job which burnt me out, made me work-obsessed and resulted in 6 months of misery?

Answer: because I know that it’s through trying, failing and trying again that success is achieved.

The past month I’ve been working on my new website (resulting in a new found respect for website builders), planning blogs and having enough photos taken of myself to last a lifetime. I seriously hate having my photo taken. Just ask my photographer boyfriend. I’m easily his worst client.

If you’re wondering what I’ll actually be doing – I’m a Digital Marketing Consultant, which in less fancy terms… means that I coach entrepreneurs on how they can use Digital & Social Media to grow their business.

So if you’re desperate to utilise the power of Blogging, Social Media and Digital Marketing to grow your business, but don’t know where to start, consider me your guardian angel / helping hand / teacher / friend. [Delete as Appropriate]

This blog will serve as a place where you can find practical, relevant and most importantly FREE content and resources, teaching you the tips and tricks which I’ve learnt along the way when it comes to Digital Marketing. Check out my ‘Services’ page for full details on my paid work.

And hey, if you’re putting something off because you’re scared of failing, surely the prospect of that dream becoming reality is totally worth a few failed attempts along the way?

Thanks for stopping by!

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