Teenage business owners and what starting out young REALLY looked like | 057

If you’re familiar with my story, you'll know I started working for myself at 17 years old and over the years, I have definitely noticed the impact starting so young has had on both me and my business. To explore this topic, I thought I'd sit down with a guest who shares a similar story...

Polly Vadasz is the illustrator and shop owner behind Sighh Studio - a stationery & accessories brand selling beautifully and intentionally designed desk pads, greetings cards, keyring and a whole lot more. Starting out at just 15 (yes really) selling her illustrations through Instagram, Polly successfully sustained her online shop throughout university and now runs her shop full time, sharing her feel-good stationery and accessories with the world.

I loved talking with Polly and discussing our shared experiences; from the stories of how we started out and how making a lot of money as a teenager changed our perspective to why our teenage naivety and enthusiasm was fundamental in the early days and how friends / family reacted, we cover the realities, pros and cons of it all!

Get Connected

If you connected with Polly and want to keep in touch with her business journey, you can find her over on Instagram @pollyvdsz – her Insta stories are very relatable and as a self-confessed foodie, she posts the most incredibly looking recipes too! You can also discover Polly’s online shop Sighh Studio here – I’m a BIG fan of the Weekly Balance Pad. Oh and keep up to date with the shop over on Insta too for behind the scenes, new designs and all the feel-good motivation!

Did you too start your business young and resonate with our experiences? Or did the early days look different for you? I’d love to know! As always, come and share your stories and thoughts with me over on Insta, I’m @alice_benham