Defining a niche as a multi-passionate entrepreneur, with Nataly | 017

In todays episode I sat down with Nataly Jennings, an adventurous wedding & elopement photographer, blogger & Youtuber. From the first time I connected with Nataly online I fell in love with her distinctive photography style and ability to carry such a strong brand image across her personal Instagram account.

In our conversation Nataly talked about her story into what she does now, getting real about the ups, downs and lessons she’s learnt along the way. We also dove into her experience of finding and sticking to a niche in the photography market and what it’s looked like to manage the various sides to her business, as a multi-passionate person!

Alongside also giving out some great advice for fellow photographers and Instagram users, Nataly was just so honest and open about what it looks like to pursue a creative career.

I can’t wait to share this episode with you so keep on listening to dive into our conversation…


If off the back of this episode you want to discover more and get connected with Nataly’s platforms, check out the various links below…

For a whole lot of Disney, pink & cute London spots, check out her personal Instagram account.

To take a look at her beautiful photography work and fall in love with the couples she shoots, be sure to check out her photography Instagram account and also her photography website.

If you want to really get to know Nataly, her Youtube channel is the place to go! You can find her channel here and to watch the video she mentioned about the Instagram algorithm, click here.

Nataly mentioned India Earle, a photographer who inspired the niche and photography style which Nataly now shoots in. You can find her Instagram here.

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