Mental health & entrepreneurship, an open conversation with Lola Hoad | 015

Todays episode truly embodies the name of this podcast - starting the conversation.

This week is #MentalHealthAwareness week and sharing about my mental illness online is always something I’ve deliberated over. I question how I can play a part in the overall conversation, whilst still recognising that I don’t have all the answers and that no two experiences are the same.

Because let’s be real - opening up the conversation surrounding mental health is more important than ever.

What I have learnt is that we can start & continue the conversation by sharing our narrative. And that’s what todays episode is all about…

I sat down with the lovely Lola Hoad, coach and founder of One Girl Band, to talk about how mental illness has played a part in our stories and what it’s looked like to balance that with working for ourselves. Lola shared how mental health has played a part in her entrepreneurial story and we got real about the ins and outs of communicating it online.

So here it is, an open conversation surrounding mental illness & self employment…



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If you’re seeking a ‘new level’ in your business, a business coach may just be right for you and I couldn’t recommend Lola enough. She works with female entrepreneurs to bring clarity, purpose and focus to their business’, sounds like something we all need right?! Take a read of this page to discover more about how she can serve your business.


If you work for & by yourself and are looking for a likewise community, I couldn’t recommended OGB enough. Lola’s on a mission to connect, support & empower female entrepreneurs, so depending upon what you’re into, there’s a few great platforms to get connected to…




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