A Tribute to the Instagram Boyfriend

Instagram Boyfriend: a non-consenting male, subject to photograph said girlfriend for the purposes of Instagram posts.

I know what you’re thinking, the poor guys, the selfish girls… Well I’m ashamed to say, I am one of those girls and my boyfriend would fall under the definition of an Instagram Boyfriend.

Cre (the boyfriend) is the unspoken hero behind my Instagram, Blog & Website photos. He takes them, edits them and patiently airdrops them to me when I’ve accidentally deleted them, again. (this happens a lot). 

He knows all too well that a cute pastel wall isn't just something to be admired, it’s the backdrop for an outfit pic. He’s aware that when I say “let’s go on a walk and bring the camera” what I’m actually looking for is a candid set of forest photos. And he’s all too familiar with me standing on restaurant chairs for that perfect #foodpic.

The only problem is, I am awful in front of a camera.

He’s a proper camera user picture taker (aka photographer) and on multiple occasions he’s confirmed that I’m his worst client, which I personally see as an achievement. You see, I’m not sure my face knows the meaning of the word ‘photogenic’ and I can only hold a posed smile for about 5 seconds at a time. Not the best combination when your job revolves around digital media.

Let me take you behind the scenes of those Insta worthy shots. 

This first picture is a very accurate depiction of how I feel when having my photo taken. A common expression, since I find it way easier to look intentionally bad than to try hard and awkwardly still look awful. Anyone with me on that technique?

Another favourite pose of mine is what I like to call ‘blue steel’, and judging but the photos it creates, I’m seriously wondering why I haven’t been scouted for a modelling agency.

Let’s not even dwell on this next category, because frankly the photos speak for themselves. The ones where I speak. And look like a troll. The phrase 'effortlessly un-photogenic' rings true.

And finally, when it just gets a little bit stupid. By this point, we’ve given up on ever achieving serious photos and anything goes. 

(Why can’t my website be full of dabbing pics??)

I’m sharing these photos because A) it’s always good to laugh at yourself and B) showing people the ‘behind the scenes’ of life is something I’m passionate about. Social Media is best described as a ‘highlights reel’, an impression we’re all guilty of creating, but I believe something powerful happens when we show the ordinary imperfections of real life.

Writing this post has got me thinking about how much of life can’t be done alone. Take it from me, a supposedly ‘self-employed’ person who requires regular help from a photographer, accountant, web-designer and SEO manager to keep my business running. I couldn't do what I do without other people!

Life is a team effort, and I’m grateful for my team-mate for putting up with me. And for continuing to take photos for my Instagram please and thank you.

Who are you grateful for?

PS - he’s legit a proper good picture taker. Check out his Insta & Website!

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