Inbound Marketing | Transforming the way we market online

In the recent years, we’ve seen a huge shift in the way that people communicate, and as a marketer, it’s important to be aware that any change in the way people communicate, requires a change in the way that you should communicate!

With over a third of the worldwide population using social media, compared to a mere 970,000 people in 2010, it’s clear that the way people are communicating is changing.

Traditional marketing, which I refer to as ‘megaphone marketing’ revolves around the concept of shouting your message into a crowd of people, hoping that somebody bites. We see this in paper adverts, spam emails, cold calling and flyers through the door. There’s very little that can be done in terms of refining the audience and the conversation is fully one sided. Techniques like this often produce results which are hard to analyse, so as a company you can find yourself spending a lot of time and money, will little to no data on how effective it is.

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Inbound Marketing flips this ideology on its head. It’s based on the concept of creating content and a workflow which is highly refined to who your ideal client is and which stage of the buying process they’re on - which is something you’ll learn more about in the next video. Rather than delivering a sales pitch to a crowd of 100, inbound marketing finds the 10 in that crowd who are the right fit for you and takes them to a place of being ready to purchase/donate/engage.

You might be thinking this sounds too good to be true, but it’s simple really. It can be simplified into ‘SERVE, SERVE, SERVE, SELL’. Before even delivering your sales pitch and closing the deal, you enrich your customers life with valuable and most importantly FREE content. Whether that be in the form of blog posts, videos or free trials.

There’s 2 main reasons why I love Inbound Marketing, let me tell you more!


Instead of shouting to the masses, using the Inbound method ensures that the people who you’re engaging with online fit your ‘ideal client’ and are consequently, likely to purchase from you. I work with many companies who have a great online following, but when I ask them how many of those followers actually translate to paying clients, their response is far from positive. It’s totally possible to have a visibly great digital presence which isn’t adding any value to your business. Inbound stops this!

Inbound encourages your marketing techniques to be highly refined in who you target and efficient in the way you spend your resources. No more worthless marketing efforts!


Agree with me here, when a company constantly spams you with irrelevant messages and pushy sales pitches, your view of them can very quickly be tarnished. Inbound marketing is designed to ensure you’re only sending content offers to those who want to hear it and even better - those who appreciate that you connecting with them!

Imagine having a customer experience where the company answers your questions, meets you where you’re at and is responsive to your feedback. Sounds pretty good right? Well, Inbound marketing creates an experience just like that.


Inbound marketing revolves around two main concepts - buyer personas and the buyers journey. Theses concepts shape the way that effective digital marketing can be done are the foundations of my digital marketing course. This blog is just the start of your journey to creating a remarkable online presence, so if you want to know more about the course, click here or the logo below!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog and learnt something new, if you’d like to read more practical tips as to how your marketing can be adapted to this digital revolution, check out this blog post.