2 Apps Which Bring Convenience to my Online Business

If you know me, then you know that convenience is my best friend, and I love creating convenience for the areas of my life which are, let’s be real, tedious.

My whole wardrobe is monochrome so that I never have to think about what to wear. My breakfast and lunch are pre-made so I don’t have to put any effort into making myself food. My eyelashes are fake so I never have to put on / take off makeup (serious winner).

Anything which makes my life more convenient is a total winner, because it ultimately gives me more time and more energy to put into the things which really bring me life. Saving 30 minutes in the morning because I didn't spend time choosing an outfit, putting on make-up and making breakfast, is 30 minutes (and a lot of morning energy!) to spend on the things which I’m passionate about. Such as reading in bed for longer, getting on with work or petting my dog.

As somebody who runs their business online, I’m always on the look out for applications which can transform the way I run my business and make it more efficient. Let me share with you two apps which have totally done this for me!


In short, this website allows you to host your calendar online and have other people book in consultations / meetings through the site. It syncs with my iCloud calendar so everything is accurate and it plugs into my website super easily. And let me tell you, this has transformed my work life.

Instead of the back and forth emails which it usually takes to arrange a call or meeting, I simply insert the link in an email and allow the client / colleague to book a meeting at their convenience. Once they’ve booked a slot, it alerts me and shows up on my calendar - so simple, but SO genius! No more tedious email threads and a ton of time saved, legit.

I’ve also found having an online calendar to be effective in respect to lead nurturing. For potential clients who are considering my services, offering a free, easy to book and at their convenience consultation is a great way to bridge the gap between lead and customer. Head to youcanbook.me and check it out for yourself - you will not regret it!


I sat down to file my 2016-2017 tax return, before realising that I had not recorded ANY of my business miles for the year. So I had to spend a full day wading through my emails / calendar / invoices to figure out where I’d travelled and what for. It was such a waste of time and I ended up missing out on a ton of miles which I had no record for.

After dealing with that train wreck of a tax return, I knew something needed to change, and that’s when I found MileIQ. And let me tell you, MileIQ has changed my life.

It’s sort of like Tinder, but for your mileage. Each time I take a drive, it shows up on the app and I simply swipe left if it’s personal and swipe right if it’s business. You can name different locations, add in parking tickets, set up automatic classified drives (e.g. every time I drive between my office and home, it accounts it as business) and view the value of the drives you’ve recorded.

At the end of the month, MileIQ created an excel spreadsheet of all my drives, I add notes as to what they were for, and my records are all ready for HMRC. It’s a serious game changer.


If you’ve got any tips for how I can add more convenience to my life, ultimately giving me more time and energy for what I love, then please let me know! I’d love to find out.

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