5 truths my business taught me in 2018 | 042

It’s safe to say that this has been a pretty full on year for my business… Through a whole host of highs, lows, challenges and achievements, the past 12 months have been rich in lessons. If you fancy gaining an insight into my business this year, tune into this episode to discover 5 truths my business has taught me (and is continuing to remind me of) within 2018.

PS - this is the FINAL episode of 2018... can you believe it?! I must say a huge thank you to you for supporting the podcast this year - I've absolutely loved it and seriously can't wait to share the conversations I've got coming up next year!

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A reminder of the truths mentioned in this episode…

  • ‘Failure’ isn’t final & giving yourself space to gain clarity makes a whole lot of difference

  • Trusting your gut // creating intuitively always gives the best outcome

  • Playing big happens DESPITE self doubt // insecurity // fear (& questioning something isn’t a red flag not to do it)

  • Investments are worth the risk and my time is more valuable than I think

  • Community matters so much

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