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Are you…

  • Desperate to gain new clients & customers through social media?
  • Shouting into the abyss of ‘online’ and getting nothing back?
  • Confused by how your website / social media / mailing list should work together?
  • Frustrated with all the latest algorithm changes?
  • Wanting to work with influencers & publishing agencies but not sure how?

I get it. People are telling you to grow an email list, use Pinterest, host a webinar and do 6284 other things at once, whilst you’re just figuring out if you’ve even got anything worthwhile to talk about. Let me tell you that digital marketing can be intentional, effective and simple – without the stress. (and yes, you DO have something worth sharing online!)

How can I help?

As a digital marketing coach, I empower creative entrepreneurs and businesses to streamline the strategy behind their online presence. I believe that with the right guidance and expertise along the way, any business can develop effective and sustainable digital marketing!

I’m not about secrets, quick fixes or cheating your way to online success. My coaching is centred around creating organic growth through authentic engagement and seeing marketing as a marathon and not a sprint. As every client is unique, so is the way I work with them.


Take a look at the packages I offer and if you’re ready to take the next step to transforming your effectiveness online, book a discovery call.

Digital Marketing Coach

Social 360 – 6 months

My most popular package, Social 360 will truly transform your use of digital marketing. If you’re desperate to finally establish an online presence which grows your business – this is the package for you. Over the course of 6 months, I’ll empower you to… 

  • Establish a strategy which is in line with your goals as a business
  • Determine your brand and how this impacts your content
  • Nurture and serve an online following who are relevant to your ideal client
  • Launch products / courses / events successfully without the dreaded sales pitch
  • Tie together various platforms and channels into a cohesive plan
  • Harness your creativity to create relevant & quality content
  • Be intentional with what you post & who you connect with online

From start to finish, the expertise & training I’ll provide will be truly personal to your business and updated with the latest trends in all things social.

What’s included?

  • Comprehensive audit of your current digital marketing efforts
  • In-depth strategy document, unique to your digital marketing goals & starting position
  • 90 minute calls every 2 weeks, over Skype / face to face (location permitting)
  • Weekly email connections, where you can pick my brains & I’ll keep you accountable
  • Lifetime access to my library of digital guides & templates

The first 5 ‘Social 360’ packages purchased within March 2018 will include a professional branding shoot at your offices / home / location. You’ll be given 20+ high quality images of you and your business which you can use to refresh your online marketing. (Worth £400+). *UK clients only*


One payment – £1495 or 4 payments of £400 (£105 extra)

Digital Marketing Coach

Social 180 – 1 on 1 Sessions

The Social 180 package is ideal for those who would benefit from a short-term burst of expertise, strategy and accountability.

Have launch coming up and want to do it well? Already have a strategy in place but know it could be improved? Seeing all the algorithm updates and want to make sure your content is hitting the spot? Going through a re-brand and want to transform your online presence too?

If you replied yes to any of those questions, then this package is the one for you! By the end of our Social 180 session, you’ll feel confident in how you’re using digital marketing to grow your business, connect with the right followers and achieve profitability through your content. 

How does it work?

  • Review your current digital marketing & establish the topic you want to coach through
  • Connect for 2x 90 minute sessions, via Skype or face to face (location permitting)
  • Lifetime access to my library of digital guides & templates

The topic is totally up to you! From mailing lists to Instagram strategy or website content, we’ll cover whatever is relevant for where your business and digital marketing is at.


One Payment – £295 

what my clients say

Alice is an excellent facilitator with a strong grasp of her subject. She knows social media, took time to listen to who we were and what we wanted and has been able to guide us through a social media strategy. I highly recommend her!

Digital Marketing Coach

more about me

If we haven’t been introduced before, let me say hi! My name’s Alice, I love my dog, ice-cream and trips to IKEA. Does that make me sound really boring?! If I’m not sat behind my desk, you’ll probably find me scanning travel websites for bargain holidays and planning my next adventure.

I’m totally captured by the way that social media enables people & business’ to connect, share and create online, which is where my passion for digital marketing began! I started my business at 17 and have grown it from there – you can keep up with my life (mainly dog photos!) over on Instagram or read this blog which tells my story into business. 

coaching FAQ

Hiring a digital marketing coach can feel daunting, both financially and relationally. Whether you’re in a position to book a package now and want to know more or are totally hesitant about the investment, I’d love to answer any questions you may have!

Either book a free call or email me – – I can’t wait to hear from you.


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